About Kirsh Foundry

Kirsh Foundry is a manufacturer of high quality, engineered iron castings ranging in size from ounces to 60 pounds and in runs from short to production volume. We serve many of the country's world-class manufacturers including names like Caterpillar, Ingersoll-Rand, John Deere and CNH Global.

Founded in 1937

Kirsh Foundry is an iron jobbing foundry located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Now run by Jim Kirsh, grandson of the founder, Kirsh Foundry employs approximately 100 people and has the capacity to pour 2400 tons per month in grey, ductile or malleable iron. 

Working on the philosophy that the prevention of defects is more cost effective than detection, we're setting continually higher standards by utilizing the quality control methods and technologies available to meet any customer requirements. 

From Statistical Process Control (SPC) and just-in-time production, to our solidification modeling, 3-D dimensioning software and complete production traceability, we have the flexibility to adapt our capabilities to meet any standard set forth by the customer. We're prepared to meet the most stringent of requirements even in the smallest of runs. 

Having long been committed to constantly upgrading our capabilities, each year we take another step forward in developing innovative ways to serve the ever increasing and changing demands of our customers.