Founded in 1937, Kirsh Foundry is an iron jobbing foundry located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Now run by Jim Kirsh, grandson of the founder, Kirsh Foundry employs approximately 100 people and has capacity to pour 2400 tons per month in grey, ductile or malleable iron.

The foundry's roots go back to the late 1930's.

Rassmann Manufacturing, a small farm implement manufacturer that also had its own foundry, was in financial trouble. Local investors called on Hugh Kirsh, Sr., a seasoned foundry manager, to take over management of the firm and turn it around. This he did successfully and, in 1937, bought out the original owners. Soon after he dropped the farm implement line and ran the firm, known then as Kirsh Foundry, solely as a jobbing foundry.

Buoyed by the need for castings during WWII, the foundry flourished in to the 1950's when Jim Sr. and Hugh Kirsh, Jr. succeeded their father in managing the company. Growth continued into the 1970's when the third generation took the reins. At that time it was also decided to embark on an ambitious capital equipment program to completely replace the old equipment.  

Where We Stand Today

We are a state-of-the-art company ready for the challenges of the future. Through continuous capital spending on productivity, safety, and environmental improvements, capacity expansions as well as employee training means the company and its employees stand ready to fulfill all of a customer's needs in small to medium weight castings.   

Jim Kirsh, Jr.