Want to learn more about how castings are made?

Kirsh offers Foundry 101 seminars at our facility.

At Kirsh Foundry, we produce all major grades of grey, ductile, and malleable cast iron. We pour all three iron types daily, each of which has different properties and different manufacturing methods. See our Iron Specifications for a complete listing of the grades we provide or contact us more information. For safety information, please reference our casting SDS sheets. 



Due to the important influence of the individual design on the characteristics of a casting, requirements such as dimensional tolerances and surface finish cannot be stated in a general specification. As a result, we strive to maintain an open flow of communication between our sales engineers and our customers to provide the information necessary to establish these characteristics. Please view our  Dimensioning Guide to learn more about factors that affect casting dimensioning and the capabilities of our finishing process, or let our experienced design team can help you develop a casting for your specific product application.