Continuous Improvement

Creativity and Teamwork

At Kirsh Foundry, continuous improvement is more than a financial investment. It's a top priority for our company and every one of our over 100 skilled employees. By investing the time and energy to make small improvements every day, we yield big results that make our workplace cleaner, safer and more productive. Creating a culture of continuous improvement helps us to meet our goal of being a long-term supplier and employer. 

2-Second Lean Manufacturing

From the shop floor, to the shipping dock, to the office, we are always striving to eliminate waste (lean manufacturing) and thereby improve everything we do. The key is to improve in small increments. Watch our staff members put their 2-second lean ideas to the test.


Focus on Profitable Sustainability

In order to become more efficient and reduce our impact on the environment, Kirsh engaged in a Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI) with The Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP). PSI is an innovative and highly-effective program that helps Wisconsin’s small and midsize manufacturers realize economic and environmental benefits through the implementation of sustainable business practices. It is designed to quickly identify, assess, and implement improvements in material use, production processes, product design and quality that result in improved financial and environmental performance. 

Since participating in the PSI program in 2014, Kirsh has invested upwards of $1 million to relocate two key departments closer to where castings are produced, allowing for streamlined operations. Kirsh also invested in two new state-of-the-art core machines, resulting in reduced machine set-up time, reduced natural gas usage and improved cycle time. These projects and ongoing investments at Kirsh have made the plant more environmentally friendly and positioned the company to be more competitive in the marketplace.