Odyssey Software

Ensure Quality at Every Step.

Our state-of-the-art Odyssey software system is an important key to our entire operation.

Odyssey was designed to address the particular needs of metal casters, and unites all areas of our company: production, quality, management, accounting and sales, allowing us to make better decisions, faster.

Using Odyssey, we have integrated every role in our manufacturing process in to one system. We communicate information such as production schedules and individual product requirements directly to our production staff. Real-time production data is communicated directly from the shop floor to supervisors and managers. The data is easy to access by anyone at any time, helping us to keep costs down and efficiencies up.

With Odyssey’s real-time parts tracking, we have complete traceability over every casting in our operation. Odyssey gives us the ability to pinpoint problems and reduce scrap while keeping production flowing smoothly. With Odyssey, we can ensure quality at every step of the manufacturing process.