Quality Assurance

We Care As Much About Quality As You Do.

We believe that the prevention of defects is more cost effective than detection. That's why, at Kirsh Foundry, we are continually raising our quality standards by utilizing control methods and technologies to meet every customer's requirements.

Complete Sand Lab
Our complete sand lab monitors the quality of the sand used in the molding and core processes. This results in a consistent casting finish, dimensional stability and sustainable quality.

We use environmentally sound practices and calibrate all equipment using NIST standards.

Metallurgical Lab
The Kirsh Foundry metallurgical lab utilizes sophisticated equipment to verify the microstructure of all of your castings.

Complete testing for casting soundness is performed and the analysis is used for any corrective action that might be needed.

You will always know that your castings are metallurgically sound and that any needed analysis and corrective action will be completed to avoid delays.

Odyssey Software
Our state-of-the-art software links testing results and production together to allow us to verify quality standards by continuously monitoring the production process in real-time.

Gage Lab
Our in-house gage lab evaluates the dimensional
accuracy of both tooling and finished castings. Tooling and castings are checked and measured to your specifications.

Our Odyssey software monitors the number of molds made so that tooling can be systematically checked for wear and dimensional integrity.

Chemical Lab
Our chemical lab tests and verifies the chemical properties and the consistency of all the iron we pour. We utilize a spectrometer that tests for thirteen elements in our iron. It is calibrated to BICRA standards. Our chemical lab is operated by well-trained, experienced technicians.

This in-house testing means that you can always count on reliable, consistent, high quality castings.