The roots of the foundry go back three generations and we're ready for our fourth.


Through our state-of-the-art equipment, technology and education, we meet each customer's individual specifications.

Quality Assurance

Continually raising our quality standards through production control and process repeatability.

Welcome to Kirsh Foundry

At Kirsh Foundry, quality, safety and service has been our mantra for the past four generations. Our family-owned and managed foundry has the cutting edge machinery and the flexibility to fulfill all your casting needs while helping you meet the requirements of your demanding customers.

Our foundry is dedicated to staying safe, clean and productive. The constant investment in state-of-the-art equipment through the years has kept Kirsh on the forefront of the industry.

We invite you to take a Video Tour of our facilities and learn more about how Kirsh Foundry will meet the highest quality standards and deliver your parts when you need them, how you need them.


Excellence Delivered, even in an Emergency

Kirsh trains employees to make great castings and to handle the unexpected. Our company culture focuses on making quality castings for our customers, so every employee works to that goal every day. But you hope they never have to handle the unexpected. On Fri., Jan. 29, the unexpected happened to us when combustible materials were ignited by a furnace spill. Our team executed exactly as trained, calmly and with precision. What could have been devastating to us and to our customers was not.

As a result of our employee’s actions, Kirsh Foundry didn’t delay any production. We continued to produce at 80% with our remaining furnace and were back up and running at 100% within 5 working days to ensure our customers didn’t miss a beat. Our team members are truly committed to delivering excellence to our customers every day. Because of that dedication to making great castings and being prepared for the unexpected, we continued to deliver every order on time.

Jim Kirsh, Jr.

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When it comes to building a winning culture, we know people are our  greatest resource. Every one of our over 100 skilled employees is  committed to both our customers and to the future of our company.



 Production Capabilities

With the expertise from running thousands of patterns per year in both short and production volumes, from ounces to 60 lbs, Kirsh is prepared to meet the full range of your casting needs.

 Odyssey Software

Our cutting edge technology integrates each step of the casting process into one system, ensuring operational control and sustainable quality.

 Quality Assurance

By using raw material testing and real-time parts tracking, Kirsh links quality and production to pinpoint problems and reduce the rate of defective product.