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Kirsh Foundry’s roots date back to the late 1930s. Though many aspects of our business have changed over nearly a century, two things remain constant: our quality and our reputation. The fact that most of our business comes referrals speaks volumes about our work.

The place where we work reflects that dedication to consistency and excellence. When someone visits the foundry, we often hear amazement. Kirsh is not your ordinary foundry – it is incredibly clean. It is spotless because it reflects the pride our team members have in their work and it makes for a safe place to do that work.

While the essential element of what we do – shaping iron – hasn’t changed much over the last century, we innovated in how we do it. We invested in equipment that allows us to make more castings. We innovated our processes to be safer and more efficient. We offered our team members careers instead of jobs.

So, we’re still thriving in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, where the best team members are making the best castings for the best customers. Join us.

A History Cast in Iron

A History Cast in Iron

A History Cast in Iron

April 1937


Hugh Kirsh, Sr. takes over management of struggling farm implement maker, Rassmann Manufacturing, which owned its own foundry. In 1937, Hugh purchases the company. He drops the implement line to focus on foundry operations, changing the name to Kirsh Foundry.

April 1950


Buoyed by the need for castings in WWII, Kirsh flourishes when Hugh Kirsh, Jr and Jim Kirsh, Sr. succeeded their father. Growth continued as the foundry modernized and expanded.

April 1970


The third generation takes the reins as Jim Kirsh, Jr., joins the company. In 1983 he succeeds his father as company president. Charged by his father to further modernize the operation, Jim embarks on an ambitious capital equipment program to increase production and efficiency.

April 2021


Four times larger than in 1980 and still led by Jim Kirsh, Jr., the company continues to innovate and grow, making productivity, safety and environmental improvements to remain a leader in the industry. Its employees stand ready to fulfill all customer requirements in small- to medium-weight castings.

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